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This blog is to showcase beautiful interracial lovers. Feel free to submit your own pictures, love stories, etc. to be shared with the tumblr community !

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You know what I have realized? When two people are soulmates no matter how many times you tell them to “get over them” or “stop thinking about them” to one of them, they will not listen to you. Why? Because they are soulmates. soulmates love unconditionally, which means always. The connection is so strong, they cant pull away even if they wanted to.


wondervoyager said: I just came across your blog and i am in love with it !!!! <3<3

I’m glad you love it :’)


High school and College sweethearts &lt;3
(He’s Persian)

This is me and my beautiful girlfriend, Michelle. She’s half Ethiopian, half Irish and I’m half American, half Israeli. We’re in love and things are perfect. :)

Anonymous said: do you have any recent pics of you and your family??? if so, can you post one please :]!

I will one day. Been really busy working & being a mom!


sky1948 said: Cute baby nice picture

Thank you!